Timber Laminate Tables

Timber Laminate Tables Description:

These Timber Laminate Tables come in the style of American Walnut. They are ideal for any indoor or outdoor setting because the laminate makes them very durable in all kinds of weather. They can be very easily stacked and are in good condition.
The matching Timber Laminate Tables all measure 70 X 70 X 72 cm and come with adjustable feet. The metal star base makes the tabletop very sturdy and pretty well resistant to table rock. There are two of these tables left.
On an outdoor patio is where these tables would be very useful. Under umbrellas that match the wood grain style they would make for a very stylish outdoor setting.

  • American Walnut Timber Laminate Tables
  • Strong and durable
  • Star Metal Base
  • Adjustable Feet
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